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Case Study

In this particular deal, with a purchase price of $230,000, this borrower received up to 80% LTV and with that received 100% of the rehab cost funded to him with the interest rate being an outstanding 7.75%. Our process and terms were so great on this project that the borrower has done repeat business and additional loans with Deployed Capital Group.


Case Study

Buy and Hold Products have been extremely popular at Deployed Capital Group and our most frequent loan type we have been originating so far! This loan in particular was an acquisition where we were able to lend to the borrower at the maximum leverage of 80% LTV with an amazing interest rate of 4.375%. The borrower got an amazing rate along with having to put as little as 20% down to purchase this property!


Case Study

Deployed Capital Group was able to work with a borrower on their first transactionally funded deal. This borrower had done multiple wholesale via assignment deals, but in this particular case the property they intended to wholesale was being sold to a large fund. For this reason the borrower’s end buyer agreed to purchase their wholesale deal under the condition that the borrower closed on the property before they would buy it. The borrower did not want to use their own funds to purchase the property and did not want to disclose the fee they were making on the transaction to the end buyer. We funded the borrower at 0% interest for a small fee of 1.5% of loan amount. The borrower was able to close on their A to B transaction directly with the seller and their B to C transaction with their end buyer on the same day. We provided the funds for the A to B and received payoff upon the B to C transaction closing.

Referral Program

We believe in the principle of “helping those who help us”, which is why we created the Deployed Capital Referral program. For every client you send our way, Deployed Capital will mail you a check (to yourself or your company) for $250.

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