Greg Simpson, Matt Kelsey, Jeremy Kloter

Deployed Capital Group is a real estate investment company that believes in helping the veteran community of Tampa Bay through real estate. Whether that is creating affordable homes for veterans, providing stable and sustainable work for veterans, or donating our time, talent and treasure to veteran causes, Deployed Capital Group is determined to make a significant and lasting impact in the Tampa Bay area.

We have three primary aspects through which we plan on impacting the veteran community through real estate in the Tampa Bay area. We will address;

By addressing these challenges we will not only positively impact the veteran community but we will positively impact the greater Tampa Bay region and real estate markets. Our goal is to make the Greater Tampa Bay region a stellar example of addressing these challenges all with a high purpose of doing good with our investments. A triple bottom line with a net positive impact. 

How Can We Help?

Referral Program

We believe in the principle of “helping those who help us”, which is why we created the Deployed Capital Referral program. For every client you send our way, Deployed Capital will mail you a check (to yourself or your company) for $250.

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