What does 100% funding actually mean? Well when you work with DCG we aim to fund 100% of your construction/ renovation costs. This allows you, the real estate investor, to make the best use of your capital available. We also put measures in place to not only protect ourselves but also you the real estate investor. Our goal is to help you become as successful as possible in as short amount of time as possible.


  • A Feasibility Study is conducted to ensure that your General Contractor is being honest to you and with us concerning the cost of the project;
  • We can break down your draws so that the amount of capital you have exposed is minimal;
  • Simply and easy draw process, all submitted through our online portal;
  • Inspection each draw to protect your capital and ensure the contractor is completing what they say they are;
  • Keep more of your cash to do more projects

Why Use DCG?

We know that as a real estate professional your time is extremely valuable. By allowing us to handle paying your contractors we can help keep your project moving forward, and you have the confidence knowing that the work that is being paid for is to standard and will pass your en buyers appraisal and insurance inspections. Allowing Deployed Capital Group to 100% fund your construction and renovation costs you are allowing more of your capital to stay in your pocket. This gives a sophisticated real estate investor the means to focus on what they do best, finding and buying their next project

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